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for every dollor you spend helping yourself get healthy, we will give 50% feeding the hungry.


A fun way for your clientele and members to compete while you expand your business! 

Are you a personal trainer, yoga or Zumba instructor, or other fitness professional looking for new and fun ways to work with your clients?  Our group challenges are the perfect way to build momentum for your business with you leading the way to helping your clients reach their fitness goals. People can compete in a group setting against each other, or on teams with fully-customizable challenges.  A friendly competition increases engagement.  One recent study points out competition also positively affects intrinsic motivation, and tapping into intrinsic motivation means real, lasting behavior change.



Our challenges emphasize education, behavioral change, and adopting lasting healthy habits. Meltdown Challenge can easily customize a challenge specifically targeting your needs. Competitors can get daily concise education about your program that can be read quickly and at their own convenience. 


You clients and members can pay a minimal fee and reap maximum benefits from competing in a challenge. You can set up your challenge to have a cash award for the winners - and one thing people love as much as getting healthy is getting paid to do it! 

For your challenges, Meltdown Challenge has certified and credentialed health coaches at our disposal for individual or group guidance. We also work with dietitians and psychologists. Please complete the form below or call 800-308-4980 to get started with your own challenge.

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What's Included

You’ve just anted-up, and taken the first step towards committing to a healthier life. You’re probably asking yourself, “What’s in it for me?” First of all, if you complete the challenge, you and the other winners will all split the winner’s pool! But we know you’re not just doing this for the money. We’ve provided a whole range of fun activities to engage you daily in your commitment to your health. You also have access to all sorts of links, including recipes, meal plans and workout videos to help you along the way. And best of all, not only will you be surrounded by other challengers who share a common goal, but you’ll also have one-on-one access to an experienced health coach who can guide and teach you.

        Can you really put a price on fitting back into your skinny jeans? We think not, but if you're wondering, "what's in it for me?" we've got you covered. If you meet the challenge, you'll earn back your ante,* or more, based on the number of successful people in your challenge. You'll get healthier, meet new people, gain friendships and surround yourself with others who share a common goal. You'll get a rush of motivation and tips to last you a lifetime, not to mention, special videos, diet tips, recipes, and the ability to chat with your host. We think you'll improve your self-esteem, be kinder to your kids, become more outgoing, go for that new job...the list goes on. We can't be held responsible for the extra whistles and pickup lines you're sure to get, so be prepared for lots of attention!