Who said Losing weight Can’t be Fun ?

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  • meltdown
    $35 ante / 43 Challenger(s) / 39 Days left

    Ok.... here we go! Let me help you stay accountable as you journey towards a healthier YOU! Tips, Recipes, workouts... you name it you will find it...

  • meltdown
    $30 ante / 22 Challenger(s) / 3 Days left

    Spring is almost here, and it's time to get back in shape and learn tips to keep you fit and healthy for a lifetime. I'll give you workout tips,...

  • meltdown
    $25 ante / 21 Challenger(s) / 14 Days left

    Get ready for spring and the warm weather!! Join my 6 week weight loss and healthy habits challenge and gain a support system to keep you on track! ...

  • meltdown
    $35 ante / 11 Challenger(s) / 22 Days left

    Who's ready for spring!? Still have some weight to lose from that New Year's Resolution? Stress of filing taxes making you eat emotionally? We can...

  • Winners Pool

    $ 330
    $30.00 ante / 11 Challenger(s) / Starts in 3 Days

    Join me in getting ready for summer! I will be your coach in this challenge! I am here to inspire you, motivate you, cheer you on and help you shed...

  • meltdown
    $30 ante / 3 Challenger(s) / Starts in 27 Days

    Join me in my first Meltdown Challenge! Let's all lose 4% of our body weight. I will be sharing recipes, meal plans and even workout tips. I will...

No Challenges available!

Have Fun with Group Challenges

  • Wellness/Fitness Professionals

    Wellness/Fitness Professionals

    Build your brand and business hosting Meltdown Challenges to stimulate your existing client-load, and supplement your income. Trainers only earn money when they show up to the gym. MDC helps you earn money around the clock.

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  • Group Challenges

    Group Challenges

    Create a challenge, or join one. Anyone can start a challenge, all you need is a group of people fired up to lose. Those friends tell more friends, and before you know it, your pot is full of money.

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  • Challenges for Children

    Challenges for Children

    Childhood obesity has more than doubled in children and tripled in adolescents in the past 30 years. But kids needs are different than adults, which is why MDC offers CUSTOMIZED challenges just for kids ages 12-17 We work with school districts, small groups and even families to target their specific needs.

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  • Corporate Wellness

    Corporate Wellness

    Good Health is Contagious! Turnover, absence and productivity loss due to health issues and stress cost companies millions a year, but health related habits of employees are hard to change company wide.

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What's Included

        Can you really put a price on fitting back into your skinny jeans? We think not, but if you're wondering, "what's in it for me?" we've got you covered. If you meet the challenge, you'll earn back your ante,* or more, based on the number of successful people in your challenge. You'll get healthier, meet new people, gain friendships and surround yourself with others who share a common goal. You'll get a rush of motivation and tips to last you a lifetime, not to mention, special videos, diet tips, recipes, and the ability to chat with your host. We think you'll improve your self-esteem, be kinder to your kids, become more outgoing, go for that new job...the list goes on. We can't be held responsible for the extra whistles and pickup lines you're sure to get, so be prepared for lots of attention!